Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Voyager 14 - info request

I recieved an email from Mike who lives on the Isle of Man. He found out that he owns a Voyager 14 bilge keeler. Now he wants to know some more about the boat. Anyone can help?
"Have just found out what my boat is after owning it for six months. Im told it is a Voyager from Juxta Mare Marine Ltd - approximate age 1971 - looking for more info on it but cant seem to find any at the moment - perhaps you may know otherwise as I want to repair the keels correctly as the bolt on sections are damaged on the bottom of the keels"


rob_dangereux said...

hi my daughter has one of these. i can email pics of the keels as attached to her boat, but her boat is not original as the rudder is home made the rig is off a gp14 we think? and she has no interior. do you have a interior you could photograph and a rudder? any help would be appreciated. cheers rob

jenku said...

Hi, grateful for any pics you could send. I will ask Mike for interior pictures!

Mananan said...

I will send interior pics asap and I have original rudder need to find out who manufactured her.

Email direct if you like jens can forward mine

Mike Isle of Man

Anonymous said...

I googled into the thread about Voyager 14s and thought you might be able to let Mike know that there is a user group for this boat at Yahoo:

Anonymous said...

User group address now changed to

Anonymous said...

I learned to sail on this class of boat in the early seventies("judy "...voyager 106 ) owned from new by my grandad...We used to sail her out of Tremadog bay..Manny happy memories... I am 51yrs now and would love to hear from the new owners...See if she is delivering the same happyness and memories that she has given me.......geprgegriffiths2000@hotmail.com

Justin Carty said...

Hi all,

I have just got one of these boats free from our local Facebook buy and sell page i definitely have a voyager but it has been butchered at the cabin roof and deck boxes from approx halfway down the window and I am looking to restore it has anyone got pics of cabin internally and externally and the deck at rear including the trotter boxes I beleive they are called also does anyone have a spec fro the mast and rigging as that has all gone I basically have the fibre glass hull but its not complete

Cheers Justin Carty

Stephen Shaw said...

Hi Justin. I've just found a post you placed in August '16 asking for photo's of a Voyager 14. Did you get any response? I can send photo's of mine if not. Also there are loads on the Yahoo owners group at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Voyager14andRedstart/